August 11, 2018

Styled Shoots Across America | New York Tour Stop

A styled shoot hosted by Styled Shoots Across America at The Glen Sanders Mansion | Scotia, New York

Back in February, I was busy making sure all of my legal ducks were in a row (publishing my new business in the local newspapers, making sure my LLC was set up properly, looking at business finances) you know, the REALLY EXCITING stuff……jk…….that’s not exciting at all. But what WAS exciting, was when I saw an email come into my inbox from Styled Shoots Across America. It was an email list of all of the tour stops they were going to be making and one just happened to be close to Plattsburgh!

For those reading who may not be in the wedding or creative industry, Styled Shoots Across America is a community of wedding professionals who travel all over the United States putting together jaw dropping styled shoots for those in the wedding industry (florists, planners, photographers, etc.) They are a community of professionals who thrive on teaching and learning from one another and are big supporters of #communityovercompetition. It’s a great way for photographers like me, who are just starting to photograph weddings and want to add more wedding related content to their portfolios. The styled shoots have everything that a real wedding would have, beautiful florals, models in their full wedding getup, full invitation suites, table setups, bridal details, everything is available to photograph!

Fast forward from signing up in February, to this past Monday. I made the 2.5 hour drive down to Scotia, NY with my packed camera bag in the passenger seat (buckled up of course!) When I got to the venue and got out of my car, I stepped into the 90 degree + 100% humidity and basically melted into the tarmac. IT WAS HOT. I honestly thought it would be a challenge making it through the 3 hours of shooting. BUT I MADE IT. And the funny part? I get so in the zone when I’m shooting that I didn’t even notice the heat but as soon as I put my camera down to adjust or move something, I became aware of my surroundings again. We were all sweating like crazy but I have absolutely no right to complain because the models were out in that heat being photographed and posed and moved to different locations IN FULL WEDDING GETUPS. I’m talking the full face of makeup, hair done, heavy dress, and the full suit. They were rock stars and deserve extra special shout-outs because there’s no way I could have looked as flawless as they did in those temps.

I’m so happy I got to experience this styled shoot by an amazing group of talented and creative professionals. Styled Shoots Across America – THANK YOU for everything you did to make it happen and for making my first styled shoot experience an extremely positive one!

A very special THANK YOU to the following vendors who not only made this day possible but so incredibly gorgeous:


Host: Styled Shoots Across America

Planning & Design: Heather Benge Events

Venue: Glen Sanders Mansion

Assistant Coordinator: A Lively Event

Stationery: Nib & Flow

Hair: BW Bridal

Makeup: Christina Delfino

Florals:  Intrigue Teaches

Cake: Duchess of Desserts

Paper Flowers: The Striped Petal

Linens: Nuage Designs

Catering/Rentals: Mazzone Hospitality

Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Men’s Accessories: Groomsday

Models: Bride: Jessica Kempisty (@jesskempisty)| Bride & Groom: Katie Dye (@dyenamo.kate) & Dylan Jordan (@dylantj_lfts

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