Honestly, I almost deleted this blog post so many times…hence why it’s only now going live…I didn’t want it to come off as me bragging so I contemplated deleting it. I didn’t know if anyone would even care enough to read a summary of my year so I contemplated deleting it. The longer it sat […]

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2018 | Year in Review

Back in November of 2016, one month after deciding I wanted to peruse photography as a career, I came across a photographer named Katelyn James and invested in my first online educational content, the KJ Consistency Course. I wish I could remember how I came to find Katelyn. I guess I didn’t pay much attention […]

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The Workshop Experience with Katelyn James

A styled shoot hosted by Styled Shoots Across America at The Glen Sanders Mansion | Scotia, New York Back in February, I was busy making sure all of my legal ducks were in a row (publishing my new business in the local newspapers, making sure my LLC was set up properly, looking at business finances) you […]

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Styled Shoots Across America | New York Tour Stop



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