...and small business hype woman who loves nothing more than beautiful light, fun and engaging clients, and iced vanilla lattes. I strive to create an unforgettable and intentional experience with everyone who gets in front of my lens while creating timeless and joy-filled images you can't wait to frame and hang on your living room walls.

The ADK's most fun wedding and family photographer...

I'm Erin!

all are welcome here.

Am I close? If so, breathe a breath of fresh air my friend, because you've found it, and...

connected with

trusted to be seen

delivers a high-end product

you've searched high and low for someone you feel

Crazy, I know. I have a degree in Human Development & Family Relations with a minor in Psychology. AKA nothing to do with the arts or photography. 

The work you see all over this site and my socials is entirely from the thousands I invested on education in the photography field by the best of the best, along with some good old fashioned trial and error.

What you won't find, is a shiny fancy degree in Photography.

Like to my blue Fisher-Price camera days as a toddler?...Which then led to my obsession with disposable cameras in my preteen years and the indescribable feeling of excitement when my mom would tell me my pictures were ready to be picked up at our local Sam's Club... or should I start with the fact that you could always find a point and shoot if not in my hand then somewhere very close by all throughout high school and into college?

all the way back? 

Should we go 

...that I don't take myself too seriously, but that doesn't mean I don't take my work seriously.

...couples and families who turned into friends because our personalities were a perfect match. 

...work I'm so incredibly proud of.

What you will find here? You'll find...

How about, practice keeps me on my toes, my creativity ablaze, and my eyes sharp and always on the lookout for new ways to capture the mundane and the beautiful. Practice keeps the passion alive for me. Perfect doesn't exist in the creative world, no matter what anyone tells you. I love education and will never stop investing to better my craft, to take it to that next level.

Never Heard of Her

"Practice makes perfect?"

How we can work together

Those are my people.

Couples and families who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves? Those are my people. Couples and families who understand the time, work, investment, and importance of photography and who aren't willing to sacrifice quality to save a buck or two, those are my people. Couples and families who want a high-end, personalized experience without the stereotypical stuffy-ness that is associated with that "fancier" market. 

I like to laugh, A LOT. Like belly laugh. It's basically my favorite form of cardio.

from past emp clients

kind words

now i'm blushing. Experience it for yourself

 Experience it for yourself

2021 Bride


On the wedding day we we had fun, got AMAZING pictures and got to spend time with our guest. Everything from her personality (she is the ultimate hype girl for brides) to her her gorgeous pictures is worth it! You will not regret hiring her! Our pictures turned out fabulous!

"We are so happy to have hired Erin as our photographer. She made us feel so comfortable while working with her."

Alex - 2021 Groom

and is so creative!'

"Erin does amazing work, is very accommodating,

I laughed at toddler chaos. I knew what made kids giggle and pay attention. All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than to freeze time for my family clients so they could remember the little hands and feet, the peach fuzz on their new baby's shoulders, the way their toddler made the cutest face when you would tickle their sides, the baby faces that made them parents.

All of a sudden, I LOVED babies.

That's where I saw beauty. That's what all my education I invested in was geared towards. That's where the money was. Then I became a mom, and my brain and ideas of family sessions took the sharpest of sharp turns.

All I wanted to photograph were weddings.

Our two little's Grace and Caroline are my inspiration when it comes to authentically capturing my clients families. Before those two? I would be less than enthusiastic when I would get a family inquiry. Should I have kept that to myself? Maybe, but I believe in real talk over here so that's what you're going to get.

(which is one of the best things I've ever been called)

I'm also known as Mommy.

Apart from answering to photographer,

I just have a whole new appreciation for sessions besides just appreciating weddings. If I've learned one thing in this business over the past 7 years, it's never say never!

Don't get me wrong, still completely obsessed.

Family sessions became my jam. Weddings?

Let's get started
What are you waiting for? Let's get started

Laid-back DOES NOT equal a "less than" experience.

Luxury, yet laid-back


Timeless & classic is the vibe! We don't focus on the latest editing trends here.

Making my clients feel appreciated, understood, and comfortable.


Anyone can turn their side hustle into their career with the right support system, education, and support.

My Mission and Ethos

Your support system


Photography sessions should be FUN above anything else. 0 stuffy-ness!

Let's have fun together!




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