July 25, 2020

Meg & Cole | Engaged

Want to know one of the many things that makes this job so rewarding? The fact that the couples that find me are just as excited to work with me, as I am to work with them. There’s nothing I can say that would adequately explain just how much that truly means to me. It’s so great and something I will never get tired of! It also tells me I’m doing my job just the way I want to do it. If people didn’t feel like they knew me or liked me, they just knew I took pretty pictures, I don’t think the level of excitement would be as high. I’m no business expert, but that’s just what I’m going with lol!

Not only did I feel that level of excitement from Meg within the first few email exchanges, but I also quickly realized that this couple has strong family roots. Both are qualities that I see in all of my Erin Marie couples!! Their only request beforehand was that they get a few quick shots in front of the sign of Cole’s family farm. I happily obliged and even snuck in some shots with their cows as well! After the farm we scooted over to Point au Roche and finished off their session on the beach, where the colors of their outfits mixed with the sunset are heart-eye emoji worthy! It was a windy and overcast but above all FUN session and honestly, a little Beyonce wind never hurt anyone 😉

Meg and Cole, thank you so much for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to capture these sweet images for you. Your wedding day is going to be beautiful, I can’t wait!

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