July 17, 2020

Greg & Daina | Engaged

If you’re looking to scroll through a whimsical gallery of sweet engagement photos, you’re in the right place!! Greg and Daina decided to have their engagement session at a spot that holds a very special place in their hearts. They both are huge nature lovers and the one thing the Mountain Top Arboretum isn’t short on, is nature. As soon as I pulled onto the property, I could see why they wanted pictures here. It was gorgeous!! I couldn’t wait to get started.

As we were walking around the property getting to know each other, I quickly found out that these two are just as fun and in love as they seemed in their emails. They have that kind of relationship where they can just laugh at each other and be themselves without a worry or care, and I’ll tell you from experience, that right there is what makes beautiful photographs. You can literally see their love for each other like it’s their aura! There were many times when I said “Okay guys now just be you!” and I got the sweetest pictures with that prompt!

Greg and Daina, thank you so much for sharing your love story with me. I’m so honored to have been able to freeze these sweet moments for you! If your engagement session is any indicator of what your wedding day will be like, it’s going to be so special and filled with love and I can’t wait!! Enjoy some of my favorites from your session 🙂

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