July 8, 2020

Claire & Matt | Engaged

There’s always a risk involved when planning an engagement session in the middle of summer. Will there be pop up thunderstorms that are going to cause you to reschedule? Will it be so unbearably hot that the last thing couples want to do is nuzzle on each other? Will the location be swarmed with horse flies that just won’t quit? Or will there be a global pandemic that puts people at risk of infection if they get closer than 6 feet to one another? How about all of the above?

I was so excited for this engagement session because I know Claire from our Pediatrician’s office! Well, knew of her, I didn’t actually get to know her until this session, but because of the reasons listed above, I was afraid we wouldn’t get the chance to meet before her wedding day. If you know me, you know I like getting to know my couples before their wedding day and will politely force you to do an engagement session beforehand if at all possible 😉 I’m so glad this session happened because I had so much fun getting to know Claire and Matt. They are so down to earth and just genuinely nice people!! They handled the heat and horse flies like pure champions! I think I earned some points with them too because I let Matt wear one of his favorite hats for some portraits! I want my couples to look at their final gallery and feel like themselves, so of course I wasn’t going to say no when he mentioned that he brought his hat along just in case! I’ll be honest, I knew I would get along with these two when Claire emailed me asking if it would be okay if they brought their dogs. Another if you know me fact, then you know I LOVE dogs and will gladly take some portraits of you and your fur babies! They are family too!

Claire and Matt, you two have such sweet souls, I am so thankful that you have invited me into such a special chapter of your lives. I hope you love these images as much as I do!

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