June 29, 2020

Nicole & Landon | Micro Wedding

My very first 2020 wedding looked a little different then we all originally thought it would look, but that didn’t make it any less beautiful and fun. Honestly, give me allll the small, intimate weddings!! I loved everything about Nicole and Landon’s special day. It obviously had to be on a much smaller scale than what they had originally planned, but that just made for more connections, more closeness, and dare I say more portrait time I got to have with the two of them!

It started out fun and relaxed as I photographed some of Nicole’s bridal details, and that tone just carried on through the rest of the day. Nothing seemed rushed or panicked, aside from the typical does everyone know where they need to be and when type of thing, but even that was on a smaller scale which was so nice! Nicole and Landon decided to do a first look and you guys know those are my favorite!! Especially when a groom isn’t a super emotional type of guy, those first looks bring out the emotion no matter who they are! Landon’s face when he saw Nicole for the first time, (looking like an absolute princess I might add), was so priceless! After the first look I took a few portraits of them and then it was straight into family formals which took about no time at all, which meant I had time to go down to the water with Nicole and Landon before their ceremony for some water portraits. YES PLEASE! These ended up being my favorite portraits of the whole day, I’m so glad we had the time to do it! Then it was ceremony time and it was just as special as it would have been given normal circumstances. I have been saying this to all of my 2020 couples: just because it is going to look different, doesn’t mean it’s any less special! I will stand by that over and over, especially after experiencing my first micro wedding.

Nicole and Landon, I just adore you two. You were so calm and collected, and just excited about getting married! Aside from the super hot temps that almost caused Landon to melt, the day was literally perfect. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year with you guys! We are going to have so much fun!

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