Greg & Daina | Married

September 10, 2020

I don’t travel for weddings often, but when I do, it’s always worth it, and for the best couples! Greg and Daina had their perfect intimate ceremony on the shores of the Ashokan Reservoir about three and a half hours south of home for me. I will admit, now that I have a daughter, traveling isn’t something that excites me as much as it used to, what can I say, I’m a worrier! But I knew it would be a great day and I was excited to help celebrate alongside Greg and Daina.

These two were so amazing at keeping me up to date with every single plan they came up with along the way. I was never left questioning what they were thinking, because 9 times out of 10 they had emailed me asking for advice or letting me know what they were thinking as far as the ever changing plans were concerned. Just like 90% of my 2020 couples, Greg and Daina were put in the difficult position of having to decide “Do we cut the guest list or postpone our celebration?” I can’t even imagine having to make that decision. Ultimately, they decided to celebrate their love with their parents and Greg’s grandmother. It was the smallest wedding day I have ever been a part of but guess what? The atmosphere didn’t feel any different than the 150 person weddings I have been a part of. Why? Because love isn’t what is cancelled. It’s still all about two people in love, wanting to make it official. There’s still the white dress, the flowers, the marriage certificate, the first kiss, everything is still there. Greg and Daina even set up an iPhone to record the ceremony to watch and share later. There are ways to work around what is happening, you just have to have hope and get creative!

When I got to the property where Greg and Daina were getting ready, I was immediately greeted by Greg who gave me a brief overview of the property, where they were thinking of having their first look, and where Daina was getting ready, and I got right to work. I scooped out the first look location, then headed up to see the soon to be wife herself. She looked gorgeous and so calm and collected. I honestly expected nothing less. Like I said, they had been on top of their planning from day 1 so any curve ball they were thrown, they handled like champs. After the getting ready portion of the day, I set Greg up to get ready to see his beautiful bride. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE first looks? Greg’s facial expressions didn’t disappoint and when you see her, you’ll understand!

After that, is was off to the ceremony site, but like in true 2020 fashion, not without a slight hiccup. I was following the wedding caravan of cars to the ceremony site and we ended up pulling into a parking lot where Greg was outside talking to the cars that arrived before I did. I rolled my window down and heard him say that there was currently a police officer at their ceremony site, not allowing anyone down by the water because there had been some swimmers there without permission. Well down by the water is where the ceremony was supposed to take place, so we were told to hang tight while it was all sorted out…hopefully…

Greg and Daina decided to go down and talk with the officer themselves to one, show they were supposed to be getting married due to their attire, and two, that they had already gotten permission to be there. By our lucky stars, the officer allowed the day to continue and we all headed down by the water, where Greg and Daina said I do.

It was an eventful day, but honestly, nothing shocks me anymore and these two handled everything with such grace. It was such an honor to be selected to photograph their wedding day, and I can’t wait for you to see all my favorites! Congratulations again Greg and Daina! I wish you both a lifetime of excitement and adventure! Oh…and a never ending supply of flowers for Daina to play with 😉

The photo below was what I like to call a happy accident. I was taking a test shot to see if this particular spot would work for their portraits. Unfortunately, it was much too hazy and the photo isn’t tack sharp like I like my work to be, but there’s still something about it that I love!

Ceremony location: Ashokan Reservoir

Rings: Facets of Earth

Dress designer / Place of purchase: Justin Alexander / Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique

Bridal hairpiece: Dareth Colburn Designs

Earrings: Anne Koplik Designs

Florist: Flowers were purchased from Harmony Harvest and Your Poppy but the bouquet was designed and assembled by the bride herself!

Bouquet silk: Nettle & Silk | Ribbon + Craft

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