September 22, 2020

Ashley & Travis | Married

How did I get so lucky? I will never stop asking myself this question as long as I keep having clients like Ashley and Travis. The kind of clients that not only trust you and your vision, but who sing your praises every chance they get. The kind of clients who look to you for advice as a professional, but also as a friend. The kind of clients who don’t let you leave without giving you a handwritten heartfelt thank you card. I could go on and on! Ashely and Travis joined this beautiful tribe of clients of mine way back in February of 2019 and I’m so happy to know I still get a whole year of this couple! We celebrated their engagement with beautiful portraits in October of 2019, then celebrated their “I do’s” earlier this month. They chose to have a reduced guest count micro wedding this year and save their big celebration for next year, which means I get to celebrate all over again with them and way more of their friends and family who unfortunately couldn’t make it to this years celebration. I. CAN’T. WAIT!

Ashley and Travis were so incredibly chill the morning of their wedding. I remember I kept telling Ashely how in awe I was of her calm demeanor to which she gracefully replied, “I don’t feel calm!!” Haha well girl you had a perfect way of hiding it! Once everyone was all set and ready for the ceremony, there was talk of some fast approaching rain showers even though the forecast was supposed to be clear. Okay 2020 I see you…I quickly went outside to where the ceremony was going to take place and looked across the lake to see said rain storms and guys, it didn’t look good. I was NERVOUS. And I didn’t feel any better about the situation once it started sprinkling…then started sprinkling a little bit harder…I tried to make my way up to Ashely to see what she wanted to do but ended up seeing Travis first who said “She wants to go for it!” So that’s exactly what we did! And guess what? Just as they were about to say their “I do’s” THE SUN CAME OUT. Okay I guess it isn’t that hard to believe, this is the north country after all, but you didn’t see the sheet of rain that looked like it was making a beeline right for us. It was a wedding day miracle, but honestly, these two would have just laughed through the rest of their ceremony if it had started pouring on them, I’m sure of it 😉

Ashley and Travis, what an honor it was to be your professional third well on your wedding day. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!! Until then, enjoy scrolling through some of my favorites!

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