October 21, 2022

Nicole + AJ | Engaged

I was so proud of myself for pulling off this engagement session! I had to travel about two hours to the location and once I got there, my pregnant hormones were screaming at me and the nausea was REAL. I honestly had no idea how I was going to do it aside from just sucking it up and smiling through the waves of sickness. It wasn’t without the help of a village though! You see, Nicole and AJ are friends of the family and it was such an honor to capture this session for them! I had the help of my mom, step-dad and uncle and we all pulled it off beautifully if I do say so myself 🙂

We started the session off slow (for my sake thank goodness they were so understanding!) as I taught them all of my base poses and warming them up for the next hour and a half. We spent time talking about them and what they like to do, what their wedding plans are, laughing at how silly they felt during the poses but me encouraging them they looked AMAZING and we even had some fun with the fallen leaves. I couldn’t have asked for better light for this session either, just wait until you see the glow!!

Nicole and AJ will be one of my last 3 weddings for 2022 and I can’t think of a more fun couple to help me close out the year. I loved my time with these two getting to know them more and capturing some gorgeous portraits that I hope they can treasure for years to come!

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