May 16, 2022

Charlotte + Evan | Engaged

I’ll be honest, I get a little nervous about how many images I’ll be able to deliver for an engagement session when the couple tells me they only want to wear one outfit. Different outfits give the final gallery more variety, that’s just facts…unless you’re Charlotte and Evan apparently! They ended up with over 150 images and I’m not mad about it and I don’t think they are either!

I met up with Charlotte and Evan at our local state park and thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know them as a couple. They are THE cutest and so incredibly sweet. I feel like if I had asked them to go do cartwheels in the water they would have done it no questions asked because they trust me that much. There’s literally no greater honor as a photographer! Obviously I didn’t ask them to do that haha! But we were able to get some of the cutest portraits that I am so proud of! We spent our time walking the trails and down by the water with the most perfect cloud coverage. Charlotte was a trooper and didn’t let the dropping temps affect her even once. I was so impressed!

I can’t wait to celebrate with these two come September!

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