October 8, 2020

Kasey & Dave | Engaged

If I gave out awards for the couple who had the most fun at their engagement session, these two would top the charts. They spent 90% of their time laughing and giggling together, at each other, at my silly photo requests, Kasey falling…twice! It was just such a FUN session! It feels weird titling this as Kasey & Dave | Engaged because these two are technically already married! They eloped back in July and are planning their big celebration in 2021.

These two have quite the story and I honestly didn’t believe them when they told me how long they have been together. The way they interact, you would have thought they have a decade behind them, but in reality, they have like a 90 day fiancé thing going on! Their words, not mine, but pretty accurate! They are the definition of when you know, you know and why wait?! It wasn’t love at first sight though. Dave wasn’t sure until about the 3rd date, but once they were on the same page, it was that feeling of putting that last puzzle piece in a 500+ piece puzzle.

I met up with Kasey and Dave at one of my new favorite portrait locations in Plattsburgh. I could tell from the moment we got out of our cars that this was going to be an upbeat session and I wasn’t wrong. When these two weren’t laughing, they were bringing the heat and I was in photographer heaven! Talk about connection, these two have it. There is literally nothing better than capturing genuine smiles and emotion and there was no shortage of either for the entire 2 hours we were together. Dave’s dad owns a local bar right here in town, the Monopole, so he thought it would be cool to get some shots in the bar if possible. I was up for the challenge but honestly a little nervous. I knew I would have to use my flash and while I know how to use it, I don’t enjoy using it. It comes out only when absolutely necessary, but I am surprisingly really proud of what we were able to capture in such a dark space!

After we left the Monopole, we headed over to the MacDonough Monument and finished off the session in some new outfits and beautiful fall colors in the background. It was the picture perfect engagement session and I can’t wait for you guys to see these!! Kasey and Dave, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your love story, and I’ll see you guys next year!!

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