October 16, 2020

Laney & Ally | Married

I have to say, 10/10/20 was probably the most sought after wedding date I’ve seen since starting this business. Not only did I get handfuls of inquiries for this date, but other photographers were constantly reaching out via Facebook groups to see if anyone was still available. I couldn’t believe how many weddings were going on that day! But I was lucky enough to be at the best one 🙂

I met Laney through my 9-5 about 2 years ago now and after I got over thinking she was mean because I never saw her smile (lol), we became such good friends and there’s rarely a time we’re together that I’m not laughing. She’s one of the funniest, most genuine and honest souls I have ever met, and on Saturday, I got to witness her marry the love of her life, Ally. It was a perfectly overcast fall day, which let the colors of the season take over. Upstate NY likes to show off this time of year, and one of the most popular local wedding venues always gets the prettiest color from the vines that cover the majority of the outside. Overcast day’s are my jam and the rain ended up holding off until the very end of our portrait time together, so you could say that Mother Nature was looking out for us! I had more nerves starting this day than a regular wedding day and I realized afterwards that it was because I wanted everything to go perfectly for these two. There’s just that little bit of added pressure when you are friends with the people getting married, but I felt so fortunate that both Laney and Ally wanted me to be the one to document their wedding day.

After their incredibly sweet ceremony, we headed over to Laney’s sister’s house where there was a tent set up for the perfect little backyard reception. Among the good food, there were laughs, polaroid photos, the most perfect outfit change, and a bonfire to end the night. This is how backyard weddings are meant to be done!

Laney and Ally, I can’t thank you enough for hiring me to be your professional third wheel on your wedding day. It truly meant the world to me and I hope I did you proud by these photos. You two are what relationship goals are made out of. Never stop adventuring together, continue to celebrate the ups while learning and growing from the downs, and most importantly keep being each others biggest supporters. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two! I wish you every ounce of happiness in the world, you deserve that and more. I love you guys! Congratulations on your next chapter!

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