February 3, 2023

Kathy + Jeff 40th Anniversary Portraits

An early Spring Lake Placid anniversary session

You know those couples that just belong together? The ones that let their struggles and hardships make them stronger instead of break them? The ones that still get butterflies 40 years later? That’s Kathy and Jeff.

There were so many moments during this session that just made my hopeless romantic heart sing and I’m so incredibly grateful our paths crossed. These two are each others best friend and know how to laugh and have fun. They act like love struck teens and it was a joy to be around them. Of course we had to take some photos with the beautiful bouquet Jeff gifted Kathy. If I remember correctly, he’s never missed an anniversary, so of course couldn’t miss this one even though they were traveling! How incredibly sweet. I loved my time with these two, it was hard to pick my favorites because honestly, they laughed and gave me genuine in love smiles for the whole session. Be still my heart! Kathy and Jeff, I can only hope my relationship is a quarter of what yours has grown into. Thank you for the invitation to share in your celebration and congratulations on 40 years!

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