October 7, 2019

Jenna & Mike | Maternity Session

Ausable Point Beach Maternity Session

Let’s do a little math…add 1 extremely photogenic couple + 1 beautiful soft sand beach + golden hour…what does that equal? 3 heart eye emojis aka 1 VERY HAPPY Erin Marie Photography. Word of mouth is probably the most effective form of referrals I get for my business and because of this, I don’t have to pay for any type of marketing, which is a good thing because I’m not a very good salesperson! In my opinion, there’s no greater referral than that of a happy client, so when Jenna’s sister Olivia reached out to me about surprising her sister with a maternity session, I was so excited! You see, I photographed Olivia’s best friend’s wedding, which made Olivia reach out to me about her own wedding, which then prompted her to gift her sister, Jenna, a session from me because she liked my work so much. It’s just a joyful ladder of referrals and I’m so thankful!

I met up with Jenna and her boyfriend Mike on a most perfect glowy evening and we got some STUNNING portraits. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised because Jenna had sent me a picture of the dress she would be wearing and it was gorgeous and she is just the most beautiful pregnant woman, so it all came together and made my job so easy and fun! We kicked our shoes off, found the best spot with the setting sun, and started capturing perfection. However, I should probably apologize to the kiddos who were playing nearby…I think we scared them off…oops! But it was worth it! Just look at these images! All the #hearteyeemojis ! Congratulations again Jenna and Mike! I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby girl when she makes her much anticipated debut!



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