October 9, 2019

Hannah & Amine | Engaged

An End of Summer Adirondack Engagement Session

It feels funny titling this post as “Engaged” because technically these two are already married! You see, Amine is from Morocco, which is where he and Hannah were married back in November. They are now planning a stateside wedding to happen THIS November for their American friends and family to attend! And when you book me as your wedding photographer, you get a complimentary engagement session (yes even if you’re already married!) Besides, you can never have too many photos with your person and your favorite four-legged baby!

I had met Hannah previously through a mutual friend and I remembered her being funny and down to earth, and that’s exactly how she was when we met up at Point au Roche for her and Amine’s engagement session. I hadn’t met Amine before but I know his brother because said mutual friend is married to him! I also got to meet their golden pride and joy Dacks! I have such a soft spot for golden’s since I have one too! Dacks was such a good boy throughout the entire session, you could just tell he is a very special spoiled prince! He even had matching bandanna’s to go with Hannah and Amine’s outfits, how cute!! And yes, he’s named after the Adirondacks 😉

After taking our first few shots of the session, getting Hannah and Amine (and Dacks!) comfortable in front of my camera, we walked all around the water at Point au Roche and at the very end of the session, Amine had some ideas of his own that resulted in them taking off their shoes, rolling up their jeans, and walking into the chilly water and me taking one of my favorite shots from the whole session! I love when my couples have cute ideas they want to try out, especially if that means trying something a little different!

Hannah and Amine, thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you! I can’t wait until your wedding, it’s going to be so much fun I already know!

  1. Terry says:

    These pictures are wonderful!!! Thanks for spending the day with Hannah & Amine and Dacks! We look forward to spending the day with you in November and I am sure you will capture beautiful memories!

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