March 30, 2022

Hall Family | A Cliff Haven Family Session

Rachel reached out to me wanting to book a family session at the beautiful Cliff Haven beach back in August. Her and her family were vacationing there where her husband grew up, so the location was super special to them. If you haven’t noticed, I always love when my clients invite me to places that hold meaning to them. It makes the session and the final gallery all the more special and unique to them!

I had so much fun with this crew. The adults and kids alike were just a joy to be around and everyone seemed excited to have these family memories documented. I remember feeling excited after leaving this session because I thought to myself, “This amazing family found me through Google, that means more amazing families like this one will find me too!” Family sessions can be a challenge but when everyone is on board and happy, it makes the job that much more enjoyable. The challenge that comes with family sessions is why I decided to focus solely on weddings in my business for a while, but time and time again I’m blessed with meeting families like this one, and I’m reminded of just how thankful I am that I opened my mind up to photographing more families and how I can’t wait for them to continue to be a massive part of Erin Marie Photography 🙂

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