February 24, 2023

Maddie + Alfred | Engaged

A sunny downtown Plattsburgh engagement session

Maddie and Alfred are the epitome of cute. It didn’t take an entire engagement session to see how in love these two are, try like the first 2 minutes. Love like these two have made their session flow so easily and before I knew it, almost two hours had flown by!

I loved learning about who they are as a couple, what their wedding plans are, and just laughing our way around some of my favorite scenic spots! I distinctly remember thinking to myself “Oh my gosh Erin stop talking, you are here to take their engagement photos, not just chat” 😀 Honestly love when that happens though so I’m not mad about it, and the fact that Maddie and Alfred got a gallery of almost 200 images makes me think they aren’t mad about it either! I’d say that’s pretty ok 😉 I can’t wait to celebrate these two this August at the gorgeous Saranac Waterfront Lodge!

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