June 18, 2020

Ashley & Joe | Maternity Session

When I decided I wanted to become a wedding photographer, I knew I needed all the practice and experience I could get. I wanted to capture one of the most special days of a couples life together, and let’s be honest, without a little practice there’s not many people who would trust you with such a responsibility. I was extremely fortunate to be taken under the wing of a local husband & wife wedding photography team, and Ashely and Joe were one of the first weddings I was able to photograph.

This is why I was so honored and exited when Ashley reached out to me, wanting me to capture their maternity session. There’s just something about witnessing a couple grow together from the start their marriage to then starting a family. It’s all just magical! Call me a hopeless romantic, you’d be right, I am!

When Ashely and I started chatting about what she was looking for in her maternity portraits, one of the things we agreed on that would be so romantic would be to capture them in a field of flowers. Pretty right? Well we just so happen to have quite a few local apple orchards, and their blooms were at their peak around the day we scheduled their session. Perfect! Until it wasn’t. I showed up early to start scouting around the orchard, (with permission of course!), to find the best spot for pictures. I was so excited! Apple blossoms are so romantic and whimsical in photos, add in a happy couple with the cutest bump, I knew it was going to be a great session and everything Ashley was hoping for! So you can imagine how much my heart sank when I showed up to the orchard to find that all of the blooms had already fallen off the trees. We were literally just a few days too late. I quickly jumped back in my car and drove to the next nearest orchard to find a few blooms, but nothing that would make me change the location of the session so last minute. So I drove back to the original orchard, determined to make it work.

The thing the orchard did have? Puffy dandelions. An ABUNDANCE of puffy dandelions. I knew these would be what would give Ashley the romantic feel in her maternity photos that she was hoping for, and I was right! I’m in love with these images! And thankfully, Ashley is too 🙂

Ashely and Joe, thank you so so much for allowing me to be there during these super special moments of your life together. I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby boy, when it’s safe of course! PS – peep the ONE and only bloom left on one of the trees!

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