October 25, 2019

Nicole & Landon | Engaged

A Private Family Property Engagement Session

You know it’s going to be a fun session when it starts out with a side-by-side atv ride through the woods! I met up with Nicole and Landon down in Putnam Station at Nicole’s parents house and after discussing possible locations around the property for the shoot, we decided to start at the spot where Landon proposed, which just so happened to require a super fun atv ride! I really should have gotten a photo of Nicole driving the atv because they chose to do their formal outfit first so Nicole was all done up from head to toe, driving this thing through the woods. It was great haha! When we reached the spot, I couldn’t believe the view and quickly started walking them through the different poses and getting them comfortable in front of my camera…on a small mountain top…with an incredible view…nbd.

After that it was a ride back down and we ended up in the most glowy field I had ever experienced during golden hour. It was amazing and Nicole was wearing the PERFECT dress for my favorite twirling shots so of course, I had them do some of those and they turned out just as I had envisioned. Then it was on to outfit number 2 and we finished off the session with some more amazing images, that I will honestly say, I was proud editing. More and more, I’ve found myself saying, “Wow I love this one, and that one, and that one!” I’m growing and my skills are improving and I’m working with amazing couples and really couldn’t be happier!

I would say the shoot was nearly perfect, except for the fact that a little baby tick decided my ankle smelled real tasty and decided to latch on. That was a first for me and I would very much like that to be the last, but in my profession, walking through tall grass is a MUST, so it’s inevitable that it will happen again. Oh well!

Nicole and Landon, thank you so much for inviting me into this season of your lives. You’re just the kind of people I love to work with, you’re so personable, and your love for each other is evident. I can’t wait for your June wedding!


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