November 30, 2018

Julia & Cole | Engaged

An Essex, New York Engagement Session

This is such an exciting blog post for me to be able to publish, I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that it’s real! Back when I was first starting my business, I wanted to do some research on the other well known photogs in the area. I wanted to see what their style of photography was, I wanted to see what they were charging, look at how their online presence played a part in their businesses. I wanted to know #allthethings because I knew I wanted to be on their level someday. That’s how I found Julia. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across Julia Rebecca Photography. I was instantly in awe. I LOVED her work and she seemed so incredibly sweet, she immediately became a photographer I looked up to. I wanted so badly to message her to meet up, to ask her all my questions, to just get to know her better, this someone who was living the life of a full time photographer that I so badly wanted to live as well. But my introverted personality took control and I never messaged her to meet up. It wasn’t until a few months later when I started getting wedding inquires for dates I was already booked for, that I decided I should message her to ask if sending clients her way was okay. To my surprise, she messaged me back and asked ME out to coffee to get to know ME better. WHAT. I was so excited!

The day came and I met Julia at our local Starbucks and we chatted for almost 2 hours! We ended up having so much in common and it was nice to be able to connect with another photographer who has shared the same struggles that I am experiencing in my own businesses and to hear how she worked through them. I loved getting to know her and see how she ran her business, how she makes it work in such a small town. The meet up gave me hope that I would be able to reach my goal of being a full-time wedding photographer and not only that, at the end of our coffee date she mentioned how much she would love for me to not only second shoot for her sometime but that she would also love for me to do a portrait session for her and her fiance. I was so excited but couldn’t believe it…until she emailed me a week later wanting to confirm a time and date for their portrait session! I was over the moon excited, nervous, anxious. I couldn’t believe it!

Before I knew it, it was Sunday, the day of Julia and her fiance Cole’s portrait session. I was editing another gallery before heading out to meet up with Julia and Cole when I got an email from Julia saying they would love to add on an extra 30 minutes to their session and what started as a casual portrait session, turned into me shooting their engagement photos. PINCH ME. Julia and Cole are literally THE SWEETEST couple! They took me all around the small town of Essex where they live with their two fur babies Ms. Piggy and Ziva. If you’ve never been to Essex, you need to drive through sometime if you every find yourself out exploring the Adirondacks. It is the most beautiful little town and served as the perfect backdrop for their engagement session. Julia and Cole, thank you so so SO much for allowing me to capture these portraits for you. I had a blast walking around Essex and getting to know you both better (and meeting Ms. Piggy & Ziva!) You really are two of the sweetest people I have ever met! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

  1. JulIa says:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful post Erin! I am so happy to be your friend and we love our photographs! Can’t wait for our wedding day

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