March 25, 2022

Jackie + Ted | Engaged

It feels so strange to be blogging sessions that happened literally last year…but it feels more strange to not do it at all. Couples like Jackie and Ted deserve their space on the blog! Which is why I have been dedicating this off season to catching up and doing just that, making time to blog my 2021 couples just as I have from the beginning of my business.

I met up with Jackie and Ted down in Newcomb, NY for their engagement session, and when I tell you we had THE MOST PERFECT SUMMER WEATHER, I’m not kidding. One thing I always seem to forget about though without fail, is that black flies live and thrive in the summer. I had a cloud of them paparazzi style just around my head the whole time which was so incredibly annoying, but that glow and those mountain views made it all worth it.

Jackie made sure to let me know ahead of time that PDA and posing wasn’t really their thing, but after their session was over and I sent them some sneak peeks she emailed me back saying that thanks to the direction I gave them “It looks like we know what we’re doing!” There’s no better compliment to a photographer when you can make your clients feel comfortable and confident in an otherwise rather awkward situation. I mean how many times do you get your photo taken in a field while your significant other twirls you around and around haha!

Enjoy some of my favorites from my time with Jackie and Ted for their engagement session!

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