April 19, 2022

Morgan & Tyler | Engaged

These two…give me aaaallllll the heart eye emoji’s for this session!!! I loved every minute of my time with Morgan and Tyler for their engagement session. These two were giving off such a romantic country vibe and the beautiful surroundings of Lake Placid definitely showed up for them!

Morgan and Tyler met in middle school and have been high school sweethearts ever since! They are so incredibly cute together which is apparent by the images we were able to capture, and they truly bring out the best in each other. Something I’ve noticed when photographing high school sweethearts is the level of comfort they have with each other. Getting your photos taken professionally is not something people typically have done on a regular basis so it can be a little intimidating at the beginning. When it comes to high school sweethearts, I can always tell they really lean on each other for the comfort to get over the initial hump of awkwardness at the start of sessions and it makes them warm up to the camera much faster. This isn’t to say other couples don’t do this as well, but I see it on a regular basis with high school sweethearts and it’s so cute to witness!

I can’t wait to capture what I’m sure will be a GORGEOUS September wedding later this year for these two!

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