March 1, 2022

Elise Newborn Session

I’ll never find the words to accurately explain my appreciation for couples and families who trust me enough to capture such precious life memories for them. Like honestly, what an incredible honor! I can’t believe I get to do this for a living. It’s seriously such a gift and I can finally say I’m living my dream. Wow wow wow! It has everything to do with couples like Chelsey and Thomas. They have quite literally been with me from the beginning and have trusted me from the very first time I met them back in 2018 for their engagement session. Little did I know 3 years later I would be photographing them in their home with their brand new baby girl! From engaged to married to pregnancy to parents, I’ve been there capturing it all for them and I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about that.

I showed up to Chelsey and Thomas’ house and as soon as I walked inside I saw the photo trail of memories that I was lucky enough to freeze for them, all over their walls and it filled my heart with so much joy. That sounds so cheesy, but I can’t help but stop and appreciate what that means. It’s so much more than simply liking a photo and wanting to frame it because it looks pretty. All of the galleries I’ve sent them over the years means something special to them and they love them enough to want to look at these photos every single day! Like holy cow, talk about an incredible honor!

I didn’t even know I wanted to start photographing lifestyle newborn sessions until after I had my daughter. She has given me more inspiration than she knows and that is just one of the many many reasons I’m so thankful for her. When Chelsey reached out wanting to book one of these unique newborn sessions with me, I couldn’t have been more excited! The newborn stage is something so messy but so beautiful and deserves to be captured because in the midst of the sleep deprivation, the awkwardness of being a new parent, the body you’ve always known now feeling different and is healing from intense trauma, and so much more, the newborn phase quickly fades into the background of your memories and becomes foggy fast, at lease it did for me. This makes these types of sessions that much more special if you ask me!

Chelsey and Thomas, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me along as you two do life together. It means the absolute world to me (if you couldn’t already tell 😉 ) Enjoy re-living this adorable session through some of my favorites!

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