February 6, 2023

Emily + James Engaged

An early June Point au Roche engagement session

This was my first session after having baby Caroline and it was with the absolute sweetest couple! Emily actually told me that she saw me in the hospital after I gave birth and I quickly apologized for my postpartum fog in not remembering her and my exhausted attitude haha! She was a sweetheart and was completely unbothered, and I think I ended up making up for it during their session!

The three of us talked and laughed like we were already close friends and it just felt so comfortable and such a good fit between photographer and client. It helped that these two don’t take themselves too seriously, so we ended up capturing some genuine and organic smiles which are my favorite! I took them around my favorite spots at Point au Roche and even captured some gorgeous glow at the end – swoon!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

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