November 13, 2019

Ashley & Travis | Engaged

A Downtown Plattsburgh Fall Engagement Session

Mother Nature was not cooperating during a span of time when I had countless sessions, isn’t that how it always works? Rescheduling is a bummer…unless you happen to reschedule to the most PERFECT day which is what happened with Ashley and Travis! It wasn’t too hot, not too cold, not too windy, the perfect amount of golden hour glow, all paired with a couple who was literally up for anything I suggested! Even with an injury πŸ˜‰ You see, Travis had a freak accident and broke his ankle and shin bone in the beginning of August so we weren’t even sure if this session was going to be possible. They were waiting on the go-ahead from their doctor on whether or not Travis could walk come October 8th. Well he not only got the OK to walk, he wasn’t letting it stop him one bit.

ME: “Want to climb up on this ledge?”

Travis: “Sure!”

ME: “Want to pick her up and kiss her?”

Travis: “Sure!”

ME: “Want to walk all the way down this hill then back up?”

Travis: “Yea, why not? It’ll just take me a little longer.”

Moral of the story is, I have no respect for my couples injuries…haha just kidding! I didn’t want it to interfere with their engagement session experience in any way so I gave him the options of doing what I would normally do and he was up for it so I went with it!

Aside from making them jump through hoops ( πŸ˜‰ ) we found out we actually have a lot in common. Their first kiss was the same spot my husband asked me to marry him. They got engaged with their two labs by their side. We only had one dog at the time but she was there for the proposal! They are getting married on September 5th at the Valcour Boathouse, and my husband and I were married on Sept 6th at the Boathouse! I feel like there were so many more things that we talked about where I stopped and was like “Wait, that sounds familiar!” We are relationship twins is what I lovingly referred to it as πŸ™‚

Ashley and Travis, thank you so much for putting up with me and all of my crazy requests of you. Hopefully you’ll see it was all worth it when you look through some of my favorites from your session! Can’t wait to see you both again in September!

  1. Tracy blake says:

    I love this couple from the bottom of my heart ! Great future for them!

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