February 2, 2023

Alton Family Session 2021

A Chilly November Point au Roche Family Session

Late fall / early winter sessions in the Adirondack region can be a bit blah due to the lack of green and colors. I’ll give you a pro tip though! If you wear bright neutral colors like this adorable family did for their session and bring your best smiles, no one will even notice the lack of vegetation 😉 I remember photographing this family during a tree farm mini session the year prior during which, they brought along the ultrasound photo showing their littlest, and now look at her! Such a cutie and I loved seeing Mom, Dad and big sister again!

We made the most out of the short time we had given the weather and the baby skin but I think we got more than a handful of frame worthy shots and that’s always my goal! Family sessions will forever have my heart and I’m so thankful for families like this one who trust me year after year to fill their frames.

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