May 12, 2021

Best of 2020 Engagements & Weddings

I almost didn’t create this post because last year was well…something else to say the least, hence why this is being posted in MAY instead of JANUARY; but the more time that passed, the heavier this post weighed on my mind. I couldn’t shake the thought of not having posted it, and eventually my excuses became irrelevant, because the fact of the matter is, people still got married! They still came together to celebrate that love, and just because it’s not how any of us pictured weddings playing out, they still did, and they should still be celebrated!

It wasn’t just weddings that took place either. I also got to capture beautiful and exciting engagement sessions too! The more I type, the more frustrated I am that I almost let the highlights of last year pass by. I’m so sorry to my 2020 couples for not making this a priority! I hope you’ll forgive me and enjoy reminiscing through this post!

So without further ado, I give you my top favorites from my 2020 season. Better late than never right? Enjoy!!


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