January 22, 2019

Best of 2018 Engagements & Weddings


For those who love looking at pretty images on blogs rather than reading long paragraphs, this one is for you!

I’ve combed through over 6 THOUSAND images between my engagements and weddings, hand picking my absolute favorites just for this blog post! Since 2018 was my first full year in business, now is as good a time as any to reflect on all of the amazing moments I was able to be apart of. It was crazy looking back at my images from the beginning to the end of this year. I see so much change in my work just in one year which is so motivating for me. I never want to stop growing or learning and I’m always looking to better my skills as a photographer. I never want to lose the fire that ignites when I pick up my camera. Each session is not only an opportunity to create gorgeous images, but to connect with another unique couple in this special season of their lives.

As if I wasn’t already looking forward to my 2019 sessions, looking through these images makes me even more excited. SEE! Text was kept short, sweet and to the point! Here’s looking forward to 2019 by appreciating the moments that made up my 2018 season! Enjoy!



  1. Rian Badger says:

    You are so amazing and I am so lucky to be a part of your blog! You’r talent is exceptional. Sky’s the limit lady! I love you!

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