January 11, 2022

Carlene & Andrew In-Home Newborn Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are something that I wanted to start doing when I realized I didn’t want my job to stop when the weather got cold. I knew I didn’t want to do studio work, therefore I had no interest in ever investing in a studio space. My husband and I threw around the idea of flipping our basement into a studio space which honestly still might become a thing later on down the road but for now, deep down I just knew it wasn’t the smartest use of our finances. This led me back to the drawing board where I discovered the world of lifestyle sessions. No studio. No fancy props. No scary lighting equipment everywhere you look. Just me and my clients in their own home. That’s it.

Lifestyle sessions allow me to go to the client which I’ve found takes a ton of pressure off my clients because they aren’t having to pack up an entire nursery to come to a studio 15, 30, even 60 minutes away. It also makes each and every experience unique to that individual couple or family which just makes the final gallery all the more special. The only thing people stress about is the cleanliness of their space which honestly, isn’t even something to stress over because guess what? As long as there isn’t a pile of toys or laundry behind where I’m photographing, you won’t see the dust or mess or anything that may be causing stress in the first place.

Another pro to in-home lifestyle sessions? Your fur baby can be included! That’s honestly the winning point in my book 😉

Here are some favorites I captured of Carlene and Andrew during their in-home newborn lifestyle session. Make sure to email me if you have any questions about what a session like this would entail, or if you’re looking to book a session for your own family! Happy scrolling!

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