July 18, 2018

Abby’s Bridal Shower

A Bechard Sugar House Bridal Shower | West Chazy, New York

When I think back to all of the wedding festivities leading up to my wedding, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it all happened 3 years ago! It seems like the moments we want to last forever are the moments that go by so fast. That’s one of the reasons why I value the art of photography. I have always loved looking back on old photo albums, it just makes me feel happy and I love that photography has always had that effect on me. What I love even more? That my friends are trusting me to preserve their memories, and Abby is one of my biggest supporters.

This past Sunday, I got to be the photographer / guest at Abby’s bridal shower and because I have been through the season of life that she’s in, it made me even more happy and excited for her. Abby is such a fun-loving person and to see her surrounded by so many people who love and appreciate her made me even more excited for her wedding day. That was probably the second biggest thing I was looking forward to the most when I would think about my wedding day (the first was marrying my soulmate, obviously), but the thought of having every single person that we loved all together in the same space made my heart burst with happiness. I can’t wait for her to feel that feeling because it really is the best!

I’m so grateful that Abby has trusted me from the very beginning of my business to capture her most precious life moments, and now I can add her bridal shower to that list!

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