June 4, 2018

Point au Roche Engagement Session | Colin & Mandy

This couple might look familiar if you are a regular blog reader! Back in December, I got a text from Colin asking if I would be able to photograph his proposal to Mandy in downtown Plattsburgh and of course I said YES! You can read the blog post about their proposal story here!

Colin and Mandy have been together for almost 9 years now, engaged for almost 6 months, will be getting married this October and are currently in the process of buying their first home! Talk about a whirlwind! Not only that, they are adopting two furry members into their family! Two baby kittens that I was secretly hoping would make an appearance at their engagement session, but are still too little to leave their foster home. BUMMER. I can’t imagine planning a wedding, buying a house, and adopting not one but TWO animals (no matter how small) all around the same time, but these two are doing it and taking everything in stride together.

We tried planning their engagement session over Memorial Day weekend, but unfortunately it was a total wash out and we had to reschedule. It worked out in our favor though, just wait until you see these images! #allthehearteyeemojis

Colin and Mandy, thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of photographing your engagement session! I had a blast walking around Point Au Roche with you guys! I’m so happy for the two of you and wish you all the best in your future adventures together!

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