December 24, 2017

Colin + Mandy | Surprise Proposal

I heard my phone ding, pulled it out of my pocket and saw a Facebook message from Colin, asking if I could be downtown later, with camera in hand. I already knew what was about to happen. I was immediately filled with nerves and excitement I could hardly wait. We quickly began discussing where and what time would be best to capture this very special moment, and luckily, our town had just lit their giant Christmas tree for the season and it ended up being the perfect spot. I got in my car and headed downtown and ended up finding a curved hedgerow right in front of the Christmas tree that seemed as if it were planted for situations such as this. So I set my camera up on my tripod and waited until I heard the signal. See my super secret hiding spot below 😉

How did I know what was about to happen? Backtrack a bit to a couple weeks prior. I was at work, sitting at my desk when Mandy came over and told me that she and Colin had gone to look at engagement rings. She was so cute about it because I could tell how excited she was but trying not to get too excited because she had no idea if or when it was going to happen. I was so happy for her because they have been together for over 8 years!! Can you believe that?? Needless to say, it was about time 😉 We pulled up the website to admire the different rings they looked at and oohed and aahed over all of the possibilities. A couple days after that, Colin came over to my desk and vaguely asked if it would be possible for me to take some pictures of a certain occasion sometime within the coming weeks. Very smooth Colin!

Fast forward to Saturday night, Colin and Mandy went out for a nice dinner, then Colin convinced her they should go for a walk to see the Christmas lights. He messaged me saying they were almost to the designated spot so I got in position and waited until I heard their voices and the rest is history. Congratulations on your engagement Colin and Mandy!! I am so incredibly happy for you two and so thankful that you trusted me to capture such a special moment in your lives!

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