Life can get hectic. Everyone always has something else they would rather do. There always seems to be a meeting, a soccer game, an after-school play, it's almost never-ending!

Pretty soon, it's 10 years later and you're looking back at old photographs, longing for those hectic times; missing those toddler smiles when you would walk into the room; wishing you could pick them up just one last time. I'm here to tell you to not let another day, another month, another year, slip by. Regardless of the season of life you're in, and whether your kids have two legs or are covered in fur, your memories deserve to live beyond the photo album on your iPhone.


Family sessions were born from the love that filled my heart when I gave birth to my daughter. Experiencing that level of love made me realize what was truly important in life. That laundry pile that’s waiting to be folded? It can wait. That layer of dust on top of your dresser? It can wait. These days of little hands and feet, and wagging tails, are fleeting and deserve to be captured.

It brings me so much joy preserving sweet family moments for those who value the love and bond of family, just like I do. So let’s plan a day to create images to fill those frames on your wall! I can’t wait to meet you.

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burns family

Point au Roche State Park

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For investment details and availability, please send me a message using the contact form. I accept a limited number of portrait sessions each year to provide the care and attention each family / couple deserves. I'm excited to hear from you!

For those wanting to have their family photos taken in the Lake Placid region. This investment price covers travel, your session, and access to your fully edited, high resolution digital files.  Please send me a message using the contact form. 

the Plattsburgh Portrait Experience begins at $475

the Lake Placid Portrait Experience begins at $675


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